SARC: North Central New Mexico

The Right Time / The Right Place

North Central New Mexico is home to a number of the nation’s leading science and technology research institutions and to a globally acclaimed arts community, within a rich multi-cultural and bioregional “land of enchantment” setting.   The region encompasses Taos, Espanola, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Rio Rancho and Albuquerque, plus many more rural and pueblo communities.

Santa Fe has a vital and diverse arts and cultural economy, designated as an official UNESCO Creative City.   Santa Fe Institute and the Center for Non-Linear Studies at Los Alamos Laboratory, have made this the acknowledged center for the ‘complexity sciences’.  Santa Fe is also home to the National Center for Genomic Resources, as well as the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe University of Art and Design and St. Johns University.

Los Alamos is currently taking big steps forward on “Next Big Ideas”, to leverage its science and technology research economy with a new cultural plan and initiatives to economically vitalize that community, including a potential community-wide fiber-to-the-premises initiative.   The Lab and the New Mexico Consortium are currently building a new Biological Research Laboratory.

Sandia National Laboratories is in Albuquerque, and Intel has major facilities in nearby Rio Rancho.   University of New Mexico, with a main campus in Albuquerque, is the state’s leading research university, with satellite campuses In Los Alamos and Taos.

Beyond this north central region, the State of New Mexico has other rich arts, sciences and technology resources, including the other two state research universities (NMSU in Las Cruces and NM Tech. in Socorro), the Navajo Nation, the Large Array, and Spaceport America.

North Central New Mexico also lives with a responsibility to transform a number of ‘wicked’ undermining eco-social problems.   K-12 education attainment in New Mexico is near the bottom of all state rankings; with the same true for broadband adoption.   As is the case everywhere, this region must better address long-term economic, healthcare, energy and water resource issues.   And, while our National Labs are major research centers, their nuclear weapons work presents and represents among the greatest controversies and risks for the survival of life on this planet.

SARC is intended as a means to grow a more vibrant future for this region with its unique resources, needs and opportunities.   SARC intends to work in coordination with other regional public and private sector planning, incubating and realizing efforts, so as to foster most broadly benefiting impacts, investment strategies, creative visions and social outcomes.