1st-Mile Institute – SARC is intent on ‘taking the high road’ to set grounded and appropriately scaled example for convergent arts/sciences works, collaborative achievements and necessary social benefits.  To this end, we intend to initiate a program to commission the creation of ‘new works’ in the convergent arts/sciences, addressing some of the most critical questions and ‘grand challenges’ facing society; hoping to inspire creative thinking and understandings directed towards life-sustaining eco-strategies and actions.    Program title: “ECOS”.

Society currently faces a number if threatening ecological crises.  Climate change, though mired in controversies, is but one (major) crisis.   Water, from the oceans to local aquifers, is under threat, as are increasing numbers of plant and animal species, along with human population growth’s impacts on limited resources, land use, health and security.    None of these complexly inter-related problems can be addressed individually, without better understanding of ecology as a whole-systems science, as a way of thinking and as a world view.  The best in applied scientific research and understanding, alone, is not enough.    Our shared Earth-nurtured future requires creatively inspiring communications, teaching and learning initiatives and applications of new economic strategic thinking.  “ECOS” intends to bring the arts and sciences together to demonstrate and set example for a much needed “ecology of mind”.

Collaborating across disciplines, teams of selected scientists, technologists, artists, designers and educators will work on identifying and furthering scientific understandings, application of new tools, development of educational curricula, publishing and presentation of new media artworks.   “ECOS” will include collaborative, trans-disciplinary working meetings and tele-networked interactions, public presentations, exhibitions and performances, research papers and publishing, symposia, workshops, educational programs and community eco-social development initiatives.

“ECOS” intends to tell an inspiring story; a story that frames a picture of life on Earth, from macro to micro, from wondrous beginnings, to our complexly dynamic ‘now’, and to very real possible tomorrows; a story about the arts and the sciences striving for our mutual best interest.

Realization of “ECOS” is grounded in a unique collaborative relationship that 1st-Mile Institute – SARC has initiated with science research institutions in north-central New Mexico: Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories, Santa Fe Institute and University of New Mexico, along with many others.   “ECOS” is a most ambitious project, now requiring major multi-sector support.