SARC 2012-2015

SARC Next Phase: 2012-2015-

For its ongoing organizational and fiscal life, SARC is now a program of the 1st-Mile Institute, fiscally sponsored by the New Mexico Community Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

These are difficult and stressful economic times for communities, for companies, for foundations and government funders, and for the National Laboratories.   It is clear that SARC will not get the Labs, funders or partners’ participation and support, unless there is assured highest level of achievement, results and benefits.    No less will be expected.

There are many complexities and issues yet to be understood and addressed to realize next steps, however, a number of encouraging opportunities have emerged in SARC first round of efforts to institute this arts/sciences initiative in New Mexico.   SARC therefore intends to build upon the Summer’s collaborative start-up, on lessons learned and on determined best-practices, to become an ongoing initiative with intended benefits for:

  • Science
  • Art
  • Education
  • Society

1st-Mile Institute’s SARC program aspires:

  • To go beyond ‘techne’ to address more fundamental, all-encompassing ideas and issues.
  • To focus on critical issues facing society, the sciences and the arts, in creation of projects.
  • To partner to create ‘great works’ in the context of great challenges and opportunities.
  • To demonstrate by example, collaborative processes, economic structuring and benefits.
  • To provoke serious research, experimentation, play, trial and error, and elegant solutions.
  • To take shared team approaches to research, learning, production and communication.
  • To work with the art/sci community to add strength to our mutual advocacy and actions.
  • To incorporate the cultural richness and indigenous knowledge of this geographic region.
  • To advocate for convergent arts/sciences as the basis for community eco-vitalization.

Best practice intentions, experience and fundamental understandings include requirements for:

  • Personal rapport and mutual respect among potential collaborators.
  • Creative open-mindedness, with complementary skills and understandings.
  • Valuation of processes and outcomes with benefits for partners and for society.
  • Ability to undertake necessary long-term, collaborative, cross-disciplinary R&D.
  • Innovative funding and investment strategies with: .gov, .mil, .com, .edu, .org and .art.
  • Artful example-setting in all aspects of programs.

These aspirations and best practice understandings are helping to shape a set of primary and peripheral programs that will demonstrate a complex, dynamic and emergent ‘ecosystems’ approach to this hybrid practice.

1st-Mile Institute’s SARC program 2013-15 proposes:

  • To further existing arts, sciences, education and community institutional relationships.
  • To develop an innovative economic support strategy for 1st-Mile Institute’s SARC initiatives.
  • To create a collaborative programs web site, prepare education curricula and publish.
  • To host a series of (monthly) public seminars and workshops with artists and scientists.
  • To establish and produce a ‘new works’ in the arts/sciences commissioning program.
  • To organize an annual New Mexico (Los Alamos/Santa Fe) “Arts & Sciences Festival”.
  • To participate in networked arts/sciences initiative interactions, nationally and globally.

All of these proposals will come together under the title and programmatic theme: “ECOS”.

“ECOS” will focus our collaborative research and output on addressing some of the most critical questions and ‘grand challenges’ facing society; hoping to inform and inspire creative thinking and understandings directed towards life-sustaining eco-strategies and actions.

“ECOS” intends to tell an inspiring story; a story that frames a picture of life on Earth, from macro to micro, from wondrous beginnings, to our complexly dynamic ‘now’, and to very real possible tomorrows; a story about the arts and the sciences striving for our mutual best interests.